KSA, China Suspend Dollar Transactions; Action or Reaction?

Is it a Strategic Shift in Saudi Arabian Economic Vision? Or Simply an Emergent Strategy to Sustain Global Oil Competitiveness?

China and Saudi Arabia just announced the two countries’ will remove the US dollar from oil transactions between the Kingdom and their largest commercial partner; China, effective last week, according to several news reports, in a precursor move to pave “mutually” prosperous economic relations on the medium and long terms, leading to the total dispensing of the USD exchange medium in KSA-China transactions.

Success Through the Seas of Crisis in Emergent Markets, Jordan for Instance

Strategizing Success: For a Stronger, More Competitive National Economy in an Emergent Market Facing Crisis

Strategizing for success can be the lifeline of your business. Focusing on surviving may actually be your extinction.

In a crisis-struck economy, such as Jordan, a newly emergent free-market economy, suffering from slowdown, and possibly even recession, a massive border lock-down, survival just won’t cut it.

Granted, competing in a slow market, while opening up to the world’s most advanced and capacitated corporations, whose eyes are set on the virgin potential of new markets, is to say the least, not easy.